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Affordable, Fully Customizable Process Management Software

If you’re tired of running business processes on spreadsheets and email, Cube can centralize your data and automate what you need done.

Cube is an Ideal Solution for Any Company With:

  • Information being managed in paper files and spreadsheets.
  • Processes that require data sharing between offices.
  • Processes that depend on common, accurate data.
  • Remote workers requiring mobile integration.

Cube is a Cloud-Based Software Solution That Does Whatever You Need it To

Everything about your business is unique. Unlike pre-engineered software packages, Cube is designed to manage, automate, and streamline your existing business processes – whatever that process happens to involve or look like.

You can think of Cube as a software toolkit that you can put to work to do whatever you need. There’s nothing else like it.

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Here Are Some Examples of What Cube Can Do:

  • Health & Safety

    Manage all the key elements of a complete workplace HSE program.

  • Sales / CRM

    Automate your organization’s customer data, commissions processing, customer service, contracts, quotes, and sales orders.

  • Servicing & Maintaining Equipment

    Automate work orders, field tickets, maintenance records, service history, service checklists, scheduling, job costing, and more.

  • Geospatial Data Management

    Maintain awareness of the exact locations of all of your company’s assets, tools, equipment, inventory, field service crews, and more.

  • Manufacturing

    Automate production orders, resource planning, materials, workflow, expenses, scheduling, quality control, and more.

  • Engineering

    Enhanced management of workflow, audit tracking, documentation, work orders, materials, and HAZOP, HAZID, PHA and ISO processes.

  • Assets, Tools, & Equipment Data

    Easily track construction, maintenance, cost, utilization, availability, status and location of assets, tools, and equipment.

  • Project Management

    Optimized project planning, process flow, costing, document control, resource planning, and task management.

  • Material Tracking

    Easy generation of material tracking reports (MTRs) for complete traceability and more efficient management of materials.

  • Human Resources

    Better management of recruiting, training, HR processes, employee database, documents and forms, audit trails, and company policies.

  • Procurement / Supply Chain Management

    At-a-glance management of suppliers, purchase costs, pricing agreements, delivery dates, sales orders, and certificate requirements.

  • Project Costing & Contract Management

    Improved workflow management, as well as tracking of contract information, budgets, project tasks, and purchase orders.

We Do The Hard Part

Our team is trained to act as an affordable consultant to your organization. Because no two Cube software solutions are quite the same, we’ll work with you closely to understand your processes, needs, and challenges, and create a fully customized application that helps you achieve your business goals.

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Our 14 Day Challenge

Meet with us to explain the business processes you wish to automate, and within 14 days we will show you an example of the automated solution in Cube so you can see how the software will work in your specific application. Once approved, we work quickly to deploy the remaining processes customized for your complete process solution.

Why Cube?

  • Affordable
  • Cloud-based
  • Fully customized / flexible
  • Scalable
  • Implemented for you
  • Mobile app included
  • Rapidly deployed

Organize Your Data in a Central System

While clunky, disjointed processes are the enemy of growth; automated and streamlined processes can help your organization scale quickly and sustainably.

Cube lets you easily implement end-to-end process management and automation that’s duplicable, easy to train employees on, and scalable throughout all of the phases of your company’s development – while providing the necessary structure to ensure no tasks fall between the cracks.

Examples of Industries Served

  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Power
  • Environmental
  • Manufacturing / Fabrication
  • Oilfield Services: Construction, Wellsite, Drilling, & Equipment
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction


  • Mobile Access for Remote Workers

    Remote workers can capture and manage data, even when off-line, using any iOS or Android mobile device. The data is automatically updated to the Cube database when online service is available.

  • Powerful Reporting Capabilities

    Say goodbye to useless data that’s raw and fragmented. With Cube’s advanced database capabilities and reporting tools, you’ll gain access to unprecedented data analysis and evaluation right at your fingertips.

  • Small Business Affordability With Big Business Capability

    Cube’s cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) format means you pay only a low monthly fee (per user) to take advantage of our fully customized solutions. You can get started as a small business with no surprise fees, and no hidden costs whatsoever.

  • Manage Processes From Anywhere in the World

    Cube’s secure cloud-based access gives your entire team 24/7 access to a single operating system that contains all of the information and automated protocols they need to successfully manage any process.

  • Cube Works With Your Existing Software

    Cube is easily integrated with most ERP software systems, as well as many different types of management software. So whether your company’s operations depend on one or more software programs, Cube can be an optimal solution for “pulling everything together.”

  • No Software Installation Required

    Cube is a centralized web-based database that does not require software installation at your offices. It’s accessible through your computer’s web browser or any mobile device. You data is securely stored on our cloud server featuring a 128-bit-encrypted connection – the exact standard utilized in the online banking industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Cube cost?

    With just one low monthly charge, Cube is very affordable – even for small businesses. However, since each Cube solution is as unique as your company, monthly charges depend on your exact needs. (Click here to schedule a consultation, or call us at 1.403.705.2177 to find out more.)

  • How long does Cube take to implement?

    While this also differs for each customized solution we create, Cube is known for its rapid deployment, and can be functional in your business quickly. Our implementation times are a fraction of other customized solutions.

  • What about ongoing customization?

    We understand that as your business grows, your processes are likely to change. Our team is here to support you and make quick adjustments to your software whenever and wherever you need them.

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